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Frequently Asked Questions

What size furnished apartments and temporary homes do you have available?

The NJ temporary apartments and condos range from 1-3 bedrooms.  We have 2-3 bedroom townhomes (2 floors) and we also have 3-5 bedroom single family homes.

Does your website say when each property is available?

No, our website has our entire list of apartments.  In order to see which ones are coming available, please visit us on our twitter page https://twitter.com/NJSTR.  Only those apartments where tenants have given notice will be listed her along with the date it becomes available.

What is the Booking Process for a reservation?

The first step is to call our office to find out if the furnished apartment you are looking for is available.  Once you are ready to book, we will send you an application form to fill out.

What time is move in/out?

Check-ins are at 5pm and Check out is at 10am. 

Are utilities included in the rental price?

Cable TV and wireless internet are included in the rent price.  Also the first $100 of utilities (gas/electric/water) are included in the rent.

Does my pet need to be registered?

Some complexes require proof that your pet has been registered and has had the appropriate shots.  Please speak with your sales rep for more details about these requirements for pets in the NJ short term apartments. 

Is there an additional fee for bringing a pet?

There is a “partially refundable pet fee” to cover at a minimum carpet/rug cleaning and possibly upholstery cleaning and deodorization.  Costs for this cleaning and any other potential damages will be deducted from the pet fee and any remaining amount will be returned with the security deposit.

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations for any reason are accepted within 48 hours of receiving your reservation confirmation from NJ Short Term Rentals.  After 48 hours, the holding fee is forfeited

Can I occupy my NJ furnished temporary housing in the middle of a month?

Sure!  You can reserve a NJ furnished apartment the moment it is available; you do not need to wait for the beginning or end of the month.  You can also leave at any time during the month provided that you give your 30 days written notice to vacate. The first and last months will be prorated based on the number of nights you stay.

How do I connect to WifI?

When you get to your NJ furnished rental, you will find a booklet with helpful information and house rules.  The specific information regarding the internet ID and password will be in this binder.

Is housekeeping services available?

NJ short term rentals partners with L&A Cleaning service to provide housekeeping services at an additional cost, for guests who desire cleaning services.  Cleaning tools (e.g. vacuum, mop, broom) are provided in all furnished rentals for guests who wish to keep up with the cleaning themselves.    To make an appointment with L&A Cleaning service, please email cleaningser4you@msn.com.

What if I have a problem during my stay?

If a maintenance issue arises in your NJ furnished apartment, we offer a tenant portal where requests can be reported.  We are also available by phone 24 x 7 for emergencies.  Do NOT call the on-site complex maintenance.  All issues should be reported to the NJ Short Term Rentals staff.

Where are NJ Short Rentals furnished apartments located?

Our furnished apartments are located in Central NJ (Middlesex and Somerset counties), about 1 hour drive from New York City and about 1.5 hours from Philadelphia.  

Are you able to find apartments not listed on the website?

Unfortunately, no.  We are a corporate housing company with a set inventory of temporary homes in New Jersey.  Our entire inventory can be found on the “Property Listings” page of the NJ Short Term Rentals website.  We only work with apartments listed on our Property listings page.

How do I pay for my reservation?

The Holding fee and Application fee must be paid via credit/debit card and this card needs to stay on file with NJ Short Term Rentals for the duration of your stay.  Rents and other fees can be paid any of the following ways:  e-check through the NJ Short Term Rentals portal, credit card, person or company check, or money order.  For international clients, we also offer wire transfer.

Can I check in early?

Not usually. Since our check outs are at 10am, the cleaning staff needs to have enough time to thoroughly clean the apartment before your arrival.   Sometimes if there is not a check out on the day you are checking in, an early check in may be granted.  Please speak with your NJ Short Term Rentals sales representative to see if is this is available for your rental.

What household items are provided in your fully furnished apartments?

Our furnished apartments include all of the household items you will need to make your stay comfortable.  Linens, towels, housewares and electronics are all provided for you.

Can I bring my family pet?

Many of our furnished rentals in New Jersey are pet friendly.  Please search by feature to see all of the pet-friendly apartments available.  

Are there size, number and/or breed restrictions for pets in the furnished apartments?

Some complexes do have size or have pet breed restrictions and some only allow one pet.  If you have a pet, please speak with one of the NJ Short Term Rentals sales associates to see in which apartments your pet can stay.

Can I smoke in NJ Short Term Rentals furnished apartment?

We are very sorry, but ALL of our NJ temporary housing units are smoke free.  Many of them have balconies or patios where you can smoke outside.  We ask that cigarette butts are not tossed outside and are cleaned up and disposed of properly.

What if I want to give less than 30 days’ notice?

As soon as you know you need to leave your NJ furnished apartment, it is best to turn in your written notice to vacate form.  You are responsible for paying rent for 30 days after your vacate date, regardless of when you actually move out of the apartment.

Am I able to extend my lease? What is the procedure in the event that this happens?

If you have already submitted your Notice to Vacate and you need an extension, please call or email your sales associate right away.  If your furnished apartment has not already been rented, then we will be able to offer the extension. NOTE: the rent for the extension days would need to be paid before the extension is confirmed.  If your apartment has already been booked, then your sales associate would be able to help see if we had any other temporary housing to offer you for the remainder of your stay.

Are there laundry facilities?

Yes, all of our furnished rentals in NJ have a washer/dryer inside your furnished apartment.

Is housekeeping services required?

Weekly or monthly cleaning is optional.   Guests who stay over 3 months will require a quarterly cleaning by L&A Cleaning services every quarter, paid for by the tenant.  This is a service provided to NJSTR landlord to ensure that our long-term tenants are keeping up with housekeeping and that the furnished apartments stay in good shape.