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New Brunswick NJ Corporate Housing

When you find that you are living in New Brunswick part time and have not been able to find a quality housing situation, what do you do? You reach out to NJ Short Term Rentals! We are who you should call when looking for the comforts of a quality homestay. Our New Brunswick NJ corporate housing is the finest of quality accommodations where we have put our clients first at all our properties.

NJ Short Term Rentals offers furnished apartments that that are conveniently located near business centers and commercial centers so that you have an easy commute for your busy days. Our New Brunswick NJ corporate housing are luxury furnished units that are in the best areas of the city.

We take pride in quality customer service, so that you will end up in the New Brunswick NJ corporate housing that is right for you. We want our clients to come back and stay with us many years to come! NJ Short Term Rentals knows that our good name depends on the quality service that we provide our clients.

We can work with your time frame for any 30 day or more lease. We realize that your personal and professional needs are constantly changing, so we will work with you to find the perfect place! Our New Brunswick NJ corporate housing offers a variety of units, with different bedroom options and amenities. NJ Short Term Rentals only offers beautiful units, so whatever you are looking for, we are here for you.

Our properties offer beautiful amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, parking, greenspaces with walkways, barbecue areas for outdoor dining and so much more. You may not be paying high end hotel prices, but you will enjoy all the amenities at our New Brunswick NJ corporate housing that you would find at those establishments.

NJ Short Term Rentals realizes that you also need to be conveniently located near the services that are essential to your daily life. Restaurants, movie theaters, parks, coffee shops and so much more are just a short distance away. You will be immersed in the community and will not feel like a visitor by the time you leave your New Brunswick NJ corporate housing.

We also understand that one of the best advantages of staying with us in our New Brunswick corporate housing is a fully equipped kitchen. Dining out all the time when you are staying in a hotel gets expensive and tiresome. You have all the appliances and kitchenware that you would need to prepare anything from a cup of coffee to a three-course meal. We also offer high speed internet, flat screen TV’s and so much more. NJ Short Term Rentals strive for you to feel right at home.

Call us today, we are waiting for your call! Just pick up the phone and call 800-213-2550 and we will begin the search right away for the perfect New Brunswick corporate housing just for you. We look forward to welcoming you home!